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Highlight Film

"The Cinematic Story"

The Highlight Film beautifully summarizes your whole wedding day, emphasizing on genuine emotions and storytelling. Much time is taken creatively with dynamic “Time-Shift” editing, while choosing the best audio and interweaving them with every moment from your wedding day.


Documentary video

"The modern classic"

The Documentary Video is a traditional, yet innovative, feature-length wedding movie that runs in chronological order as the day organically unfolds. It showcases all the tears, joy, laughter, and encompasses everything you'll want to relive and watch in its entirety.



"The hustle & heart"

The Legacy Film provides a deeper level of storytelling by creating a “Prelude” that will be interwoven into your wedding film. The “Prelude” is a genuine story about you and your partner that will narrate your wedding story. Once the “Prelude” and Wedding Day are edited together, it will create a unique and one-of-a-kind wedding film experience. 


Engagement Video 

"The majestic journey"

Share your story, your quirky moments, favourite memories, or commemorate a loved one by showcasing this special video on the day of your wedding. The Engagement Video includes a personalized Q&A session to make a captivating film narrated by you.



Same-Day Edit

"the Special delivery"

Bust out in style with a glamorous and entertaining video at your reception! So just sit back and enjoy our unique approach to a Same-Day Edit Video. Relive every special moment with tears, laughter and surprises, surrounded by the people you care most.


Short Film

"The creative auteur"

Is there a story you've been itching to tell? This is your opportunity to turn that idea into a creative film. This highly collaborative experience will put you in the director or actor's chair (or both) to create an artistic and timeless film that will be passed down for the years to come.